Skyrim confession tumblr sends me to another page

For some reason yesterday the Skyrim Confession blog in Tumblr was working fine, I tried checking it out not long ago and it sends me to another page that says “hahahahaha” or “ahaha” things like that, blank background and no display picture either. 

Anyone else have had this problem before or is having this problem now?

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  1. admiralcheeks answered: They got hacked by one of their ex-admins. Some people just can’t depart peacefully.
  2. imcoolerinvideogames answered: I’m afraid it’s hacked D: It’s happening to me and others as well :’(
  3. passionandmisery answered: The blog was hacked,…
  4. sleepy73-archive534637 answered: the page got hacked… AND I AM MAD ._.
  5. blueberries-shouldnt-jaywalk answered: Yeah I have it too, I think they got hacked. WHO WOULD DO THAT
  6. aeriamamaduck answered: It’s happening to me too. They were hacked.
  7. yukimoda answered: It got hacked
  8. falcon-eye answered: I’m having this problem now :I
  9. drejofvalenwood answered: It’s doing that to me, too. o_o Did the page get hacked?
  10. rreclusee answered: our blog has been hacked. we’re sorting it out, but one of our moderators was a child and hacked it so we couldn’t access it. sorry about it!
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